Carbon Calculator

Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas. It is released when fossil fuels are burnt.

Use the calculator below to find out the amount of carbon dioxide you are responsible for putting into the atmosphere each year. Then click here to check your emissions with people in other countries.


Activity or energy used
Equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide

kWh mains electricity per year
Single person - 3,000
Couple - 4,000
Average family - 5,500

kgCO2 per year
kWh natural gas per year
Low (no central heating) - 10,000
Medium (central heating) - 19,000
High (large house) - 28,000
kgCO2 per year
miles per week in a car (petrol)
kgCO2 per year
miles per week on a train or bus
kgCO2 per year
miles per year in an aeroplane
kgCO2 per year

Your total emissions of carbon dioxide are
kg per year
(1,000kg = 1 tonne)


This carbon calculator has been adapted from a version on the National Energy Foundation web site.