Sustainable development in the geography curriculum

Key stage 3

1e Appreciate how people's values and attitudes, including their own, affect contemporary social, environmental, economic and political issues, and to clarify and develop their own values and attitudes about such issues
3a The location of places and environments studied. places and environments in the news and other a significant places and environments.
3b To describe the national, international and global contexts of places studied.
3e To explain how places are interdependent.
5a Describe and explain environmental change and recognise ways of managing it.
5b Explore the idea of sustainable development and recognise its implications for people, places and environments and for their own lives.
6a Two countries in significantly different states of economic development.
6e Ecosystems - how physical and human processes influence vegetation.
6f Population distribution and change.
6h Changing distribution of economic activity and its impact.
6i Development.
6j Environmental Issues.
6k Resource Issues.


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