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Responsible Care

Each year, the Chemical Industries Association produces a report which shows how the industry has performed against its targets for sustainable devlopment. The areas covered include health and safety, emissions, energy use and waste.

The graphs below show changes in emissions. For a more detailed report on Responsible Care indicators, please visit the CIA web site.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) can contribute to global warming and also acid rain. The chemical industry has reduced emissions by nearly 30% over the last three years.


Sulfur dioxide can cause acid rain. It is often produced when fossil fuels are burnt. Many chemical sites now have their own combined heat and power plants. These are efficient and help to reduce emissions.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) can react with the lower atmosphere and produce ground level "smogs". Since 1995, the emission of VOC's by the chemical industry has reduced by 64% to 41.6 tonnes per year. In the same period, VOC's from vehicles has fallen by just 41%.

Responsible Care principles