Responsible Care hands

Responsible Care

The UK Chemical Industries Association (CIA) has set out criteria which demonstrates the industry's commitment to sustainable development. Since its introduction in 1989, this voluntary programme of action by CIA members has been adopted by 324 companies and has already made significant progress.

Guiding principles

Policy Health, safety and environmental policies which acknowledges objectives of sustainable development.
Employees Communication and training programmes which envourage the involvement and commitment of employees to responsible care.
Share experiences In addition to meeting current legislation regarding health, safety and the environment, to share best practice throughout the industry.
Process safety Ensure that risks associated with all operations are assessed and managed appropriately.
Product stewardship Assess the implications and manage the risks associated with the industry's products. This includes suppliers, distributors and customers.
Resource conservation Work to conserve resources and reduce wastes in all activities.
Stakeholder engagement Monitor and report health, safety and environmental performance to all stakeholders including employees and the public. Communication and engagement of the appropriate communities is to be encouraged.
Management systems Verification of management systems to ensure consistency with the principles of Responsible Care.
Past, present and future Responsible Care will address the impact of both current and past activities.

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