Using energy

We are dependent on coal, gas, and oil for the majority of our energy needs. These are non-renewable resources and will eventually run out. Conserving these resources, and finding alternatives, is a big challenge to sustainable development.

Did you know?

Energy production is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions.

If we all boiled just the amount of water needed for a drink, it would save enough energy to light every street lamp in the UK.

Energy used by UK industry releases about 60 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

The average home emits more harmful CO2 gas than the average car.

UK households waste over £2 billion in excess heating costs a year.

Double-glazing can reduce heat loss through windows by 50%.

If everyone used one energy-saving light bulb, it would save enough electricity to light up 2 million homes.

Chemical industry's sustainable contributions

Novartis Combined Heat and Power

AH Marks: saving steam, saving electricity and reducing emissions

Combined Heat and Power reduces Pfizer's emissions

Corus windfarm generates "clean" electricity

Huntsman Tioxide cut emissions with combined heat and power

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