Combined heat and power

Novartis Grimsby Limited installed a combined heat and power plant to generate electricity at its site in the UK. This helps replace the electricity previously bought from Yorkshire Electricity. It also provides steam for heating chemical plant and equipment aswell as heating for the site.

CHP provides an efficient method of generating electricity and heat and typically achieves a 35% reduction in coal or oil usage. Current CHP plants produce between 30 and 50% less CO2 emissions compared to coal-fired power stations.

Reduced emissions

By using CHP for electricity and heating, Novartis have reduced overall emissions of Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). Roll over each one to see the reductions.

Carbon dioxide

The CHP plant was made during 1992. See how it reduces the emissions from Novartis (blue bars) compared to the overall emissions without the CHP (red bars).

Sulfur dioxide

Nitrogen oxides