Combined heat and power produces "greener" electricity

Generating electricity by burning fossil fuels puts the acid rain gas, sulfur dioxide, into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are also produced.

Combined heat and power plants (CHP) are much more efficient than conventional power stations and in 2001, Huntsman Tioxide's installed a CHP plant at their site in Grimsby, UK. By generating their own electricity, Huntsman have reduced the need to obtain electricity from less efficient power stations and this will have an overall effect of less carbon dioxide emissions.

CHP plants are more efficient than conventional power stations and so the release of sulfur and nitrogen oxides from the site have also been reduced. The CHP plant also produces steam which can be used in the production process. This increases even further the plant's energy-efficiency.


Installation of the CHP plant in 2001 has continued the the reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions.