Ecover: Sustainable Cleaning Products



Company name: Ecover

Location: Belgium

Products: Ecover make a range of domestic and professional cleaning products like washing-up liquid, laundry detergents and bleach. As a matter of policy, all ingredients are from renewable sources and are fully biodegradable. This even applies to the design of the factory itself!

Sustainable change: Many existing ingredients, though from renewable sources, require petrochemicals in their manufacture. Ecover are now introducing a new class of biosurfactant (detergent) that is produced by bacteria.

Effect: By using a surfactant that is produced naturally by bacteria, the use of non-renewable petrochemicals is reduced. The surfactant itself and any associated waste products are all fully biodegradable.

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image: Ecover factory
Even the grass-roofed Ecover factory is sustainable
image: Ecover products
Ecover produce a biosurfactant-based cleaning product