Using raw materials

Without the raw materials needed to drive production, development will grind to a halt. Sustainable development looks to reduce the use of materials by making processes more efficient and by recycling products.

Did you know?

A washing machine uses up to 100 litres of water per load. An average family will use 26,000 litres in a year.

Taking showers, not baths, would save enough water each week for 1000 cups of tea.

33% of an average household's water use is flushed down the toilet.

North Sea fish stocks have been dangerously over-fished. Cod, herring, hake, and mackerel are at risk of stock collapse.

Current estimates are that oil and gas reserves will run out within 50 years.

Chemical industry's sustainable contributions

Plastics from plants: Du Pont uses renewable raw materials

Pfizer save water: a  valuable resource

Dow Corning purify and recycle waste water

Corus recycles furnace gases

Huntsman Tioxide promote the re-use of wastes

Novartis recycle borehole water

Uniqema swaps sharks for olives

EVC commit to sustainable development

Ecover: Sustainable Cleaning Products

ALCAN: Recycling aluminium and conserving resources