Sustainable processes and products

In the past, inefficient manufacturing processes have wasted materials and energy. Sustainable development means that processes need to be made more efficient which conserves resources as well as improving productivity.

Did you know?

Driving smartly can save up to 25% of fuel. Accelerate and brake smoothly. 50mph is much more efficient than 70mph.

Traffic delays cost the country around £15 billion a year.

A 10% increase in the number of people cycling regularly would reduce heart disease and save the NHS £200 million a year.

Steel from recycled materials saves 75% of the energy needed to make it from raw materials

15cm of loft insulation will save the average house £70 a year in heating costs.

Using a 20 watt low-energy light bulb will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 500kg compared to a standard 100W bulb.

Chemical industry's sustainable contributions

Sound survey saves steam at Pfizer in Kent

"Greener" wood treatments from Arch Timber Protection

Industrial Symbiosis on the banks of the river Mersey

Shell make cleaner fuels from natural gas

Safer paint stripping with du Pont

"Green" Hairspray from BASF

Thomas Swan develops Supercritical Solvents

Monsanto: Alternative route to popular herbicide Roundup®