Sustainable processes

Industrial Symbiosis: working together for a sustainable future


Company name: North West Chemical Initiative (NWCI)

Location: Merseyside, UK.

Products: The NWCI is a non-profit organisation which supports chemical and related industries in the North West of England. Committed to sustainable development, the NWCI is piloting an Industrial Symbiosis project on the Mersey Banks.

Sustainable change: Promoting the collaboration of companies to ensure the efficient use of raw materials, energy and by-products within the Mersey banks region.

Effect: Wastes are re-used as raw materials in related processes. Electricity from fossil fuels also provides local heat and industrial wastes are reduced. The result will be a more sustainable development of the process industries in the area.

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The chemical industry is long-established on the banks of the river Mersey at Halton and Ellesmere Port.