Reducing waste

So many useful resources are simply dumped in landfill sites or incinerated once they have been used. Reducing waste, and recycling, helps to protect the environment and contribute towards sustainable development.

Did you know?

A flourescent tube contains enough mercury to pollute 30,000 litres of water above the safe-to-drink level.

In the UK, we produce enough waste each year to fill dustbins stretching from the Earth to the Moon.

20,000 tonnes of aluminium foil packaging thrown away in the UK each year.

15 average-sized trees are saved for every tonne of paper recycled.

UK households produce 1.4 million tonnes of plastic waste each year.

Over 6 billion glass containers are used in the UK each year. Only 22% are recycled.


Chemical industry's sustainable contributions

GlaxoSmithKline solvent waste recovery

Shell reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds

Chemetall reduce wastes with an Environmental Management System

Dow Corning Ltd. reuse methyl chloride

Holliday Pigments reduce sulfur dioxide emissions

Waste not want not: reuse and recycling by Shell

Basell recover raw materials from waste gases

Every little helps - waste minimisation at A.H. Marks

DuPont: Chemical Recycling of Old Carpets

Symphony develops technology to make plastic waste disappear